CNI presentation to DHA Board 8.27.14

Transformation Plan Schedule – details on the activities and milestones due to HUD

Quarterly Reports (updated 4.17.15) – The Quarterly Reports are a part of the HUD milestones and contain important information related to the CNI planning schedule, budget, and in-kind contributions of the stakeholders.

CNI Grant Transformation Plan Deliverables – outline, draft plan, and final plan (updated 10.10.14) complete versions of deliverables due to HUD per the CNI planning grant schedule.

Community Meetings, Charrettes, and Open-houses (updated 6.5.14)presentations, handouts, and summaries from the various community events held throughout Southeast Central Durham.


organization of planning process

Focus Groups (updated 12.13.13) – these seven focus groups will determine what measures and data to be collected, analyze the information, and develop strategies and initiatives to be discussed at the steering committee and included in the transformation plan.


Steering Committee (updated 6.6.14) – the steering committee is composed of CNI stakeholders, focus group representatives, McDougald Terrace Resident Council, Community members, and DHA staff. This committee will bring together the suggested programs and initiatives developed by the focus groups an community meetings.

 Presentations from HUD Site Visit March 5, 2013

Map of Bus Route


 Landmarks in Target Area